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Many carriers are now offering free mobile phones when you sign up for a new wireless plan. Wonder how that can be? Well for one you can get free tmobile phones, wireless carriers want your business to competition for companies that are willing to offer attractive incentives and / or promotions for it. Look at this way, cell phone contracts are like rental car, huh? People who rent cars generally upgrade to a new car every 2-3 years. Well, the owners of cell phones are exactly the same thing they upgrade to the newest and coolest cell phones on the market every 2 years. Take me for example. I had 3 phones and has been with 2 different carriers over the past 3 years. To say the least, with people being able to take their cell phone numbers with them when they move to a new carrier, it is even more difficult for wireless companies to retain their existing customers.

Personally, I never pay for a cell-phone ever. Like everyone else, when my cell phone contract expires after 2 years, I want a new cell phone, but in my case, for free. A few years ago, if you want a cell phone with a new wireless plan, there were only a few models that carriers offering. Not so today. Wireless today offer some of the most popular cell phones on the market for free. That's how I got my BlackBerry Pearl and my previous Motorola RAZR and other free Motorola phones. There are countless charges cell phone, you can get free as Plam Treo 680, Motorola Q, BlackJack II I617, Palm Centro and select carriers. WOW I get free Palm Centro !

If you are looking to buy a cell phone of one of the main retail stores Wireless, the most popular cell phone models May not be offered for free, but on the cheap get free Samsung phones . The same applies if you contact your mobile provider and ask for an update. I found the best offers free cell phones are available on the Internet. The beauty about buying cell phones online is that you can shop and compare cell phones, wireless plans and special offers from major carriers in the comfort of your home and get free Blackberry Curve . You will be surprised when you see the number of cell phones on the market and in colors too great. If you do not feel comfortable buying online, call the customer service number on the site to place your order. Maybe you can get free Nokia phones .

Cellphone Trace


These advances in technology to track a cell phone is the place as a result of a number of recent events, including the events of September 11, 2001. Technological breakthroughs that have occurred since then, notably the inclusion of GPS technology in most mobile phones, and improve the ability to detect a telephone in the location based on signals from local transmission towers.

There are a number of services on the Internet that allow you to find the location of a cellular phone. They differ thermae in May of the interface and appearance, butthey are using the same data from the telecommunications companies.

In the past, the only way to get access to technology to trace a cell phone located purchase equipment, and the use of this material has been largely restricted to government agencies like the police.

The way these services work is gathering information from the telecommunications company that provides cell phone service. This information includes the location of cell phone, as calculated by a combination of factors, including the GPS as mentioned above, and the distance to each cell phone nearest transmission towers. This is the same information that the police get.

There are wide range of reasons why you may want to track a cell phone place, like trying to see where a friend or relative rates while you are on, to keep track of the location of a Child, meet friends, and tries to find shops and restaurants near you. Companies use these services to track the location of their employees, and also to ensure the safety of employees when they work in a remote location on their own. Ultimately, there are probably as many reasons as there are users.

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Single Parents Dating


Single parents are looking for people they may be compatible with. They too need someone who loves them. However, they can have children with a delicate situation. Thank you to the technology now single parents can easily connect with other parents or any other person who seeks to find a companion. Now the only problem comes for single parents, if they have not yet established their children. Once you decide to revert to single parents from finding the right person, you should tell your children about it. Discuss with them and explain why you're in a relationship.

Single parents dating must take a decision regarding the weather, they want their date to meet their children. You must listen to your inner voice. if it says you should not let them answer, you should not. Some people you meet through the net can not have good intentions and they may end up hurting your children. There are so many Internet predators and your being a parent alone can make you vulnerable. Especially if that person is a pedophile. Be very careful about the date of your meeting with your children. You should date some time before you decide to meet him or her with your children. Take it slowly, there is no need to rush anything.

After finding someone in dating single parents, do not tell your ex-husband or wife that you are now in a new relationship. Let them see for themselves and we ask you about it. They are out of your life now and they have no business keeping truck of your life or you give them an account of what you do. Two of you are concerned about children and it is therefore your company to ensure their safety, but it is not their business to dictate who you see and you should not see. And anyway, if you were to tell them you see someone else, they might misinterpret this mean that you want and you're trying to make them feel jealous. No matter how hard you try to explain this phenomenon, they believe what they want.

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Fitness Equipment


Fitness Equipment in your home will not produce the same results as fitness coach qualified staff can offer for approximately the same price as expensive fitness equipment, if not cheaper. Since a piece of fitness equipment is no longer an object, it is unable to compete with the advantages that the reality of a fitness trainer can provide. This equipment can not help you in techniques to lose weight and be in better shape. In addition, fitness equipment will become unnecessary once you reach your level of health.

As a resident interested in improving their health, you must establish a good fitness. The expertise that fitness trainer with fitness equipment will give you a better understanding.

Equipment fitness is a temporary solution to improving health

The fitness equipment, regardless of the type of material it is only a limited usefulness. It is not a piece of fitness equipment that will help you meet all your goals fitness.

As indicated above, this equipment is also expensive and has a tendency to collect dust after you've reached your goals fitness (or when you decided to abandon achieving your goals fitness, as many people who buy fitness facilities do).

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Tattoo Design


Tattoos are very common these days, with nearly 1 in 4 people with at least one. Tattoos are a form of art, and enable people to broadcast who they are. Even if they are popular, most people end up regretting. In most cases, those who regret tattoos do not think about their design or take the time to choose the best for them tattoo. Even if it is possible to have a tattoo removed, the process is expensive and very painful. To avoid this, you must always take some time and find the perfect tattoo - the design of your dreams.

Instead of trying to save a little money, you should not choose a studio or an artist on how they are cheap. Less expensive artists and studios are not normally in the quality of work, which is why they are able to charge lower prices. Instead, you should look for the best artist studio and you can find near your region. Even if May be costly - the quality and design will be very useful.

For some, their dream design is a person. This may be a loved one or someone who has passed. You can always use a drawing or symbol that means something to you and reminds you, or you can always use their face. Good tattoo artists can make magical tattoos meaningless if it is the face of a person or symbol that emphasizes meaning.

Sometimes it may be difficult to perceive the design of your dreams. If you have an idea in mind, but are still not sure what you want, you can always research. You can get tattoo books, the theme books, magazines, or simply search online. Looking at drawings May you find something similar to what you're interested in. Once you've found it, all you have to do is sit down with your tattoo and artists come to your dream tattoo design.

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If you're looking for heavy goods vehicles insurance, first try to get some quick and effective insurance heavyweights quotes so you can compare prices between them and select the most appropriate for your vehicle. You can find many heavyweights insurance quotes from various companies offering some of the most excellent business.

Weight heavy price insurance vary from one company to another that all businesses are not the same and are in different areas. In recent days, insurance lorry quotes are available via the Internet. As a result, you can get a lot of price immediately heavyweights from different insurance companies. You are able to resolve the issue on the websites at any time. It is suggested that you look around the most beautiful front agree with the first offer you see. Your company could be qualified for special offers and discounts.

The common policy on lorry insurance can be found employers are political accountability and political responsibility. Whatever the package is suitable for you, the insurance company to verify your transaction history to see what is the best time for you to make payments each month.

If an owner wants to ensure several motor vehicles at a time, then the truck insurance is ideal and offers immediate coverage. Exchange of transport insurance cover transport vehicles, but not the cargo. You'll be able to get a good help of all trucks from insurance companies to acquire the most appropriate deal, the budget and coverage. Even if you try to get your insurance heavyweights quotes via the Internet, you can get help from insurance brokers there to make the right choice. Your coverage should at least protect customers, the insurer, you and your drivers whatever the situation.

Los Mejores Hoteles en Francia


Coronado como el mundo número uno de destino turístico, año tras año, Francia recibió un trato VIP en el mundo la industria del turismo. Brillante con la más buscada después de hot spots, icónica estructura como la Torre Eiffel, mundialmente conocido museo Louver, inmaculadas playas y paisajes vírgenes ... no es una sorpresa para ver el fuerte aumento del número de turistas visitan Francia cada año. La magia de Francia es tan poderoso que nadie puede escapar el encanto de su encanto. Pero la gran pregunta es donde la multitud de la gente cuando los que habitan la tierra en Francia para iniciar su muy esperado viaje Francia? La respuesta está en los mejores hoteles en Francia, que ofrece alojamiento prima. Hotel en Francia son un lujo retiro, que es un puro reflejo de la cultura y la tradición de este gran país. Con la variedad de posibilidades de alojamiento para las clases y masas de los hoteles de lujo en Francia en hoteles en Francia.

Francia hoteles industria hotelera no perder de vista las exigencias de sus visitantes Niza Hoteles. Si usted está a punto de embarcarse en un viaje a Francia, a continuación son los mejores hoteles en Francia como una indicación --

Hotel Plaza Athenee:

Populairement conocido como el "Palacio de mañana," Popular Plaza Hotel Atheneeis un hotel de lujo en Francia que ofrece cinco super lujo para sus clientes de Star Alliance en sus 188 habitaciones y 42 suites. El hotel está situado en la prestigiosa Avène Montaigne. Es en la encrucijada de la moda, entretenimiento y negocios en la avenida de la Alta Costura.

Este legendario hotel conserva el estilo clásico francés, y seduce a los visitantes con su brillante arte y decoración de alta calidad en el servicio. Comfort, decoración completa y servicios de calidad son el sello distintivo de este hotel.

Hotel La Perouse:

Que ofrece alojamiento en 58 habitaciones y 4 suites, el Hotel La Perouse es considerado como uno de los mejores hoteles en Francia. Su estilo recurrió la colina de vista y tener un efecto calmante sobre los visitantes. Un tranquilo retiro, lejos de la fortaleza de la ciudad, este hotel las habitaciones están decoradas con buen gusto y relajado y proporciona ambiente sofisticado. Bellas cocina, espacio de encuentro, de primera categoría las comodidades y facilidades a este lugar de clase mundial sofisticación.

París, Francia - Paris hoteles La Tremoille se encuentra en el corazón del triángulo de oro, y proporciona king-size en sus 88 habitaciones y 5 suites. Construido en 1883, este hotel cuenta con una brillante arquitectura y su decepción en un estilo contemporáneo. Todas las habitaciones están bien laced y ofrece vistas panorámicas desde el balcón. El estado de la técnica de banquetes y conferencias es un lugar ideal para una reunión de negocios. Alimentación, centro de fitness y spa facilidad marginal de crédito son algunas características brillantes a su servicio.

Online Casinos


The Internet is saturated with online casinos that give players the opportunity to play virtual casino games for real money. However, the truth is that it is a small number of these casinos which can be described as high-end. It takes a very rare combination of qualities to earn the title of being a top online casino. You will find that there are some online casinos that can really boast a superb combination of quality software, security meticulous, a wide variety of games, excellent customer service and, most importantly, long and distinguished history that is necessary for a high figure online casino.

The best online casinos that are top line, but obviously, the best breed of software to offer. Their software brings to life impeccable graphics, sound that is true to life and the good game that is without interruption. The state of the art software high as the use of online casino offers all these characteristics. The next and very important factor that is so special about the top online casinos is the great variety and range of games they have to offer. You will notice that you can choose between a multitude of games ranging from blackjack and roulette craps, poker and keno slots. The variety of games available is such that you will certainly never bored, and it can satisfy the heaviest gambling appetites.

The last and most important thing about the top online casinos is that they are reliable. They have the best combination of a team with the ethics of security unbeatable. You'll find the best customer service and do not want to ever try something else after a top online casino.

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Finally, you must choose the best offer loan and take it. Make sure you can adjust the payment in your budget and you use the loan productively. Only borrow what you need and make sure you make your payments on time to ensure that your credit remains excellent.

Estocolmo, Venecia del Norte en Suecia


No hay mejor plataforma para explorar Escandinavia como la hermosa "Venecia del Norte," la capital de Suecia, Estocolmo.

La capital de la cultura en la naturaleza montañosa al norte, Suecia tiene una fascinación por las artes y la historia aficionado y fan desde el exterior actividades similares. Si quieres ir a Suecia, sobre todo ir a Estocolmo, se puede tratar de encontrar Estocolmo Hoteles para que usted permanezca allí.

El país de montañas en Dalarna comenzar con suaves pendientes que se acumulan a 1.900 km (1140 millas) de la cadena que llevó a los magníficos picos nevados de Extremo Norte. Los sami que viven de la pesca y la cría de renos han hecho un trabajo admirable de mantener su propia cultura.

Pero, a diferencia de América del Norte, Suecia, usted no tiene que ir al norte del mando a distancia para satisfacer el aire fresco y agua pura. De hecho, en el centro de Estocolmo, el agua es tan limpia, se puede nadar y pescar justo detrás de las grandes arterias. Uno de los lugares más populares para la pesca se encuentra fuera del palacio real. En este sentido, el salmón y la trucha de mar son capturados durante su migración desde el Báltico hasta el lago Malaren. Entre las especies más humildes se han enganchado perca, el lucio, el lucio y el arenque del Báltico.
Estocolmo está idealmente situado en 14 islas separadas por grandes bahías, grandes canales y estrechas vías fluviales. Rodeado por intacta, la ciudad también está salpicada de hermosos parques. En el corazón de la capital, el contraste entre la vieja y la nueva es sorprendente: un ultra-moderno, de lado de las calles adoquinadas y edificios medievales Gamla Sta'n (Old Town).

Los visitantes de Estocolmo se recomienda encarecidamente a comprar un mapa de Estocolmo, si desea permanecer más tiempo allí usted puede encontrar todos los Suecia hoteles con el mejor precio para sus vacaciones e ir a otra ciudad como Gotemburgo y encontrar los mejores de Gotemburgo hoteles y Malmö Hoteles para usted allí. La tarjeta le da libre acceso a 75 museos y lugares de interés libre circulación de transporte público, gratuito visitas en barco y varias otras ofertas de bonificación. Tú decides si quieres una tarjeta que tiene una validez de 24, 48 o 72 horas. La tarjeta no será válida hasta que sea sellada con la fecha y la hora la primera vez que lo utilice. Dos niños pueden ser adquiridos por adultos tarjeta. La tarjeta es válida una vez atracción y le da derecho a viajes ilimitados en metro, autobús y tren.

State Licensed Cash Advances


State Licensed Cash Advances

Do you need some emergency cash to get by you until your next payday? Emergencies happen and you should not be embarrassed if you need a little help until you can afford to cope with the situation at hand. Whether a car repair, medical emergency, or anything else you can get a payday loan to help them. Suffice it to avoid long-term payday loans.

In the long term payday loans are not only difficult to find, but they are very expensive. The way most payday lending long-term fate is due to how the borrower treats. Donors that these types of loans generally have a fee they charge to extend your loan for a second 30 days, then a third and even a fourth. This will cost the tax and any interest.

The amount of loan that arises is actually in use until the receipt of your paycheque. Once you get from your financial barrier, the amount lent is repaid to the lender. When you are unable to repay the loan in the amount allotted period, repayment tenure may be extended to one month. However, you may have to pay extra for this service. Your credit history or the current rate is not important to benefit from these loans. That is why they can also be called upon to bad credit payday loans. However unlike the plans ordinary loan, bad credit borrowers do not face an increase in the interest rate payable. Most lenders offer this cash advance credit without any research to make the loan fast and open to all.

In the long run if your payday loan for a period exceeding 30 days, you are going to pay hundreds of extra money that you do not need to pay. Thus, lenders make a lot of money are able to stay in business. You must avoid this long-term payday loan disaster.

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Cash Advance
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Free Car Insurance Quotes Online

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Fast Cash Advance

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Payday Loans

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I cant stop laugh when i watching this cool video. As we know, T2 is 2 sexy girl with cute style, but... just watch this video :))

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Sometimes when we write something about algorithm research papers, we usually find a problem that can our papers stuck on the paragraph. But if we have know about theoretical part and practical part of algorithm research papers we can easier to finish the paper and save more time.

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Google PR Update (again)?


After the first update to this blog, today i've check my blog Google PR updated (again). Google slam me to ZERO. I dont know exactly when its happen, but i never cares about this PR.

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Madonna Concert

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Child Alert System Online


What would you do if your child is missing? the first thing you have to do is notify your local law enforcement. That is the last thing you have to do, but first you must prepared all things before it happen. No one parents in the world want their child missing, so we have to be careful about this. With child alert system will record all your child id, such as your child finger prints, dental record and identifying marks and social security number these are for your child safety. Its not only for one or two, if you have more than 3 children, and need more identity records, you can contact them personally via their email, and they will send you all ID cards you needed at no charge.

What kind of products that can save all information about your missing children? First, USB Keychain Program, included with software, this USB can save your data up to 1GB. You can carry your children information with you, you can upload your child data and if your child is late going home, you can notify all your contacts or family via internet and find your child locator. Child alert system provide complete solution in this case. Second, if you want give more detail DNA Analysis profile kit, if you buy this kit you dont have to pay another additional fees. All you need is only follow the simple instructions, and the result will in your hand in a few days.

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New Juicer


My Family and especially me like juice very much. We're juiced everything, from fuits to vegetables. There's not a day gone by without us drinking juice. Well you can say that we're juice addict. We've got so many reason why we drinks juice so much. One of main reason is offcourse to keep us healthy. Juice contains many vitamins, fiber and and it taste good. It so refreshing to drink a glass of juice after we're work out.

But unfortunatelly one day our beloved juicer broke. I think it has to do with it's electrical circuits inside. My brother accidentally dropped it. So we need to find a new juicer. And after i read about juicers reviews at, i can look it here. It's the best place to find juicer with low and affordable price ever with juicers reviews from they customers. We can browse for many collection of hightech juicers and find the one that we like. And after a while browse, find, and comparing which juicer we gonna buy, I decided to buy a brand new juicer with absolute power. It's strong, it's powerfull, it's durable, and definitely long lasting. With this we can keep our juice at anytime at all. Definitely the best juicer we ever buy. It even recommended by some juicers reviews. So i guess we pick the right stuff. Thanks to someone who has write about this juicers reviews.

Data Backup and Recovery


Data Backup and Recovery

My friend Tom runs a gadgets blog. He provides many tips and trick in his blog for technology and gadgets a blog or site. And he gains a lot of responses and attention from users all over the world, knowing that they found his blog is very handy to check out the latest news on technology and gadgets. And soon after the advertisers began to coming up filling his blog, which is gave Tom enough money for operational.
But one day it all crashed. Without any prior cause his data were all gone. He suspected that somebody broke into his account. He's furious to see that his precious data were all lost.

He later asked me where can he finds any information to backup and recovery his data. Well Tom might be knowing a lot of this about technology and gadgets, but he doesn't have a clue at all about backup and recovery. And i recommend him to this blog. In this blog he can find any related information about backup and recovery, which my come handy to maintain his blogs data save. So later on he went to that blog, and he claimed that he gains enough info to secure his data, so it won't happening again any time in the future.

2nd HDD Problem for Me


Last week, is the 2nd problem on my HDD since the first one. But it looks different, the second problem is not caused by hal.dll problems. It because the windows file is missing. I dont know why it happens to me, i didn't do anything when it become crash and it just happen quickly. I loose all may data on my Drive (C, D), but i have reinstall it again with windows xp.

Maybe its time for me to change with linux or maybe buy a macbook. I hope it wont gonna happen to me again. Hmm.. if i used linux, maybe i'll use OpenSuse. Even I never use OpenSuse, I dont know I really like it. Maybe necause I ussually read Mr. Vavai Blog from planet terasi, he ussually write about OpenSuse and its advantages. His post is make me want to try OpenSuse.

Next week i'll reinstall (again) and change it to OpenSuse for my Old Pretty PC.

Hidden Nanny Camera


Me and my wife are parent with a 3 years old boy. We both working on day time. I work as a operating manager in shipping company, while my wife is a clerk in mayor's office. None of us would give up the job, because we both need still need it. And so we have to leave our child at home while we're working with a nanny. And it's been going on well till one day. Our old nanny decided to move outside town following her husband. There’s no other alternative. We have to find a new nanny for our kid.

Finally we got a nanny to watch our kid out. But we're not really sure of this new nanny. She seems clumsy and careless. It leaves a worry every time we left our boy home with her, and i talked to my wife to buy new nanny camera to spy our nanny. We're worry if the new nanny doesn’t treat our son right. And finally after we browse to find this problem's solution, we decided to put a hidden nanny camera. It's a device to watch over how our nanny's treat our child while we're away. We can watch the recording after we back home. And can take appropriate action if there's something wrong. We can really feel relax now, knowing that we have a hidden nanny camera installed at home. I don't want something happen to our kids as seen in the video below.

Auto Loan for Used Car


Auto Loan for Used Car

Looking for a used car, but you doesn’t want to buy it with cash? Now you can get instant approval for used card auto loans. Yes, now everything is possible to get a loan to help someone to buy used car, and it is also possible to get instant approval from loans companies.

Why we need to get used auto loan from Loan Company?
Many reasons why we need to get used auto loan, let’s say, we don’t need to think how old is the car, there is no restriction on how old the car can be. And second is about the rates, we can get better interest rates than dealerships if we take loans from Loan Company. And the most important is about the loan approval, you will get instant approval for your loan quote.

Where you can get best auto loan? As it named, give the best auto loan. Not only for used cars, they also give a service for new car financing and refinance an existing auto loan. Now you can get quote for used car, and get instant approval from them. And, don’t worry if you have a bad credit report, you can get quote for bad credit auto loan. Just visits their site and fill out the online form within their website.

House Insurance


Today, house insurance is already become the important insurance type for us. With homeowner insurance, it can help us to protect our home from the damage caused by theft, vandalism, certain weather related event and other cause that we all don't want happen to us. Insurance for your house is important because of the liability it can afford to your house.

If we have a comfortable and secure house, we always protect the house, always lock the doors and close the garage before we go, but we never think there is still something dangerous that can damage our house. What is dangerous things that can damage our house? Natural disaster can cause the damaged. Flood, mudslides, earthquakes, fires and other natural disaster can destroy our home.

Where we can get complete information about home insurance? provides a lot of information about homeowner insurance and its rates. You can check home insurance rates for all states, they serving home insurance for all 50 states at US. If you go to their website, you can check with their search engine, just select the insurance type, your hometown zip code, and you can see the result. If you want to know more about homeowner insurance, you can go to their website to see complete information or call them by phone via 800-986-1643 and get 5 free insurance quotes.

Make Delicious Waffle with Waffle Maker


A waffle is a light batter cake cooked in a waffle iron, between two hot plates, patterned to give a distinctive and characteristic shape; there are many varieties of waffle such as the Brussels waffle, The Liège waffle, American waffles, etc. Really interesting if we can make waffle by ourself and we give it to someone special, we must have a waffle maker to make a delicious and crispy waffle with the ice cream on top, you can go to to find a type of waffle maker you needs, there are so many type and kind of waffle maker.

For example KitchenAid KPWB100NP Waffle Maker. This type have browning controlling to know the level of well cook otherwise it has 4 slice of waffle pattern with many kind of shape, at we can also find the size we need, with this product we can make a waffle like a professional chief in the big restaurant. If you want to buy cheap waffle maker with the best quality, you can go to the website.

Don't worries about the price of the products and they also give a warranty for the product, order now and make the best waffle that ever have you made, good waffle maker will helped you to make a lot of varieties of waffle that you like with another garnish such as ice cream, whip cream, caramel, etc.

Google adds a Search Assistant


Today, i've see google has give a new feature to its search engine. Its added with search assistant. I dont see any special from this google search assistant, not much different with yahoo search assistant which is has launch at october last years, but google search assistant gives the complete search result. Its come true since this google search assistant is only their experiment.

You can turn it off by click the close button.

Google PR Update


My blog has drop to PR3. Its not too bad, because google only slam me with -1. Since this blog created for 2 years ago, aristianto maximum google pagerank is only PR4, and its stay at PR4 for almost 1 years.

Actually i never think about this blog PR, PR is only "special gift" from google which is doesnt affect the traffic. FYI, my very personal blog, has increase from PR0 to PR2. OK, dont think about traffic, just blogging what you want to blog. Like Darren said, we should be focusing on building blog, not focused to google Page Rank. PR is only for google, not for us.

But... How if we already join Paid to blog services? Of course, PR is the most important.

Body Fat Monitor


Body Fat Monitor

A beautiful body is craving for all people in the world, no body want to have a BIG body because of fat; we need a body fat monitor for controlling our fat every day. With body fat monitor, we can monitor our daily weight loss program and we’ll never feel worries about how much my body weight today?
Body fat monitor also needed by who wants to reduce body weight for monitoring their body, there are 6 simple steps to reduce body weight:

  • Counting how many calories daily.
  • Every Night, add up the number of calories you ate/drank.
  • Every morning you have to count your calories, eat 500 calories LESS then you normally do.
  • Instead of eating 3 big meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), or eating all day all the time.
  • Cardio. Cardio is an important part of weight loss. If you're serious to losing weight, but don't want to do the cardio, you have to do workouts such us jog, swim, and jump rope, ride a bike, etc.
  • At weekend, monitor your weight by yourself. You'll notice a difference only in one week!
And don't forget to use a body fat monitor to control your entire program, it will help you to monitor every weight loss programs steps are works, and don’t ever surrendered to has a beautiful body.

Baby Stroller For Kids


Until now, I always think if someday I have kids from my wife. Handsome like me or beautiful like my wife. It’s only in my head today, but it will come true in a few next years. I think it will be great if we have a cute healthy baby, with all my love I will take care my baby until he/she grew up everyday. Not only with love, but it need a struggle to give the best for my kids.

I always imagine, in the morning I bring my kids with a stroller running around the city parks every weekend with my wife, or go to shopping at the shopping center and bring my kids with baby strollers, so I can buy all my needs and my baby still enjoy the shopping. From now, maybe I have to find a good stroller for my kids, read a stroller reviews and buy it from the trusted seller can give the best stroller for my kids.

Today I have read some stroller reviews; I can buy a baby stroller start from $40. It’s not too expensive but it still has a good quality. I’ve to read more about stroller reviews to get the best baby stroller with the best price.

Recommended Credit Cards


credit cards

What is the best credit card? Are you still confused to choosing the best credit cards which is matching with your finances? Actually, each credit cards type has special advantages, for example there is a credit card with low interest, credit cards with instant approval, cash back credit cards, rewards credit cards, bad credit cards, or if you are college student, there is available credit cards for student.

For low interest credit cards, you can choose Capital One Platinum Prestige – Visa, this credit cards is designed for all people who interested with low interest credit cards. For instant approval credit cards you can apply for Hilton HHonors Platinum Card from American Express, this credit cards give you an advantages if you are usually stay at Hilton hotels, if you apply for this credit cards you can get more advantages like discount, member priority and else.

If you are still in college and want to apply for credit card, you can choose Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students, you can get credit cards issued by Citibank. If you have good grades in your college, you can get reward programs for student from this credit card. If you need more information about recommended credit cards, you can go to the website and read a full review about credit cards from their research and experiences.

Electric Shavers


Not only for men, today many women also using shavers for their daily needs. With electric shavers, its has a lot of advantages if we used it. If we used the electric shavers, we don't need water and shaving foam anymore because its really simple to use.

Sometimes we always think that using electric shavers is expensive, but in fact its expensive only for the first time we bought, after that its cheaper than than the manual shavers. If you already use the electric shavers, you can shaving in short time, it can save your time. If you have plan to buy the new one, you need to know more about its features. You have to pay attention about the battery, some electric shavers didn't give rechargeable battery, you need to change the battery with the new one if its empty electricity. Its better if you buy the electric shavers with rechargeable battery, because you dont need to bring any battery, you only need the electricity supply to make it work.

There is a lot of electric shavers brands, if you want to buy the new one, you can get new electric shavers with the best price from When i post this blog, with only $9, you can get Remington MSC-140 electric shaver, with 2 heads and 1 year warranty, you can get this cheap electric shaver. Or, if you want to see other electric shavers brands with cheap price, you can compare each other from website. Please visits the website if you want to know more.

15 Minutes for Better SEO


I think its not too late to inform about this information. I've found a great articles for you to read in next 15 minutes. Yes, its only for read, not for build traffic in 15 minutes. How come we can make a good SEO in 15 minutes.

The most interesting from this articles is each SEO method has a points that we can use for build a traffic, you can see the plus and the minus points. If you are interested, see the complete articles from this link. Please pay attention for +3 points and - points, SEO Methods with + (plus) point is what you have to do with your website. I have read this article and do you know, i need arounds 30 minutes to read this great article. :D

Find a Good Payday Loan Company


payday loan
The way to finding a good reputation payday loans company is make sufficient research and obtain all possible information. The United States indeed Lending Act was designed to force credit providers to give full disclosure of their loans in relation to interest rates, fees, loan terms and conditions and other items. Not only does this apply to credit card company, but it also applies for the payday loans company. They are required by federal and state law to give you all the information if you request it.

If you want to know about the company, you can do a little research via internet before you take a loan. Find more information that you can get, see customer reviews, about their offers. Its depending on yours. You can see all people say about the payday loans company, about its services, rates and fee. After you have done your research via internet, I think its not enough, you have to ask someone that you can trust about the company, maybe you can ask the company customer about their services.

Finding a reputable company for you to take a loan is the most important thing you can do before you decided which one is the best. By choosing a good payday loans company you can enjoy better rates, reduced taxes, and have the peace of mind of a loan from a good source of credit.

Cheap Family Cruise


Cheap Family Cruise
Do you have plan for your next holiday? You can bring your family to take cruise and enjoy your holiday on the sea with a luxury cruises. Of course it’s not cheap if you want to take a luxury cruises but you can save your money by find family cruise a special offers, for example you can get special discount for your kids or maybe you can get free charge for your kids. Let’s take a sample, Disney family cruise line has kids' rates for ages 3-17 years old, under 3 years old is free of charge. For Carnival cruises has a special rate for your kids under 12 years old.

Before you take a cruise with all your family, you have to know more about the family cruise services provided. It’s to make sure your vacation is match with your budget. You will be happy if you get special discount, but you have to count other fee. For example, you have to pay attention about drinks and meal. Bring your kids favorites meal and soda that you can’t find when you take a family cruise.

And last, if you have a baby, how do you bathe the baby? Make sure your cabin has a bathtub. Why? If you need bathe the baby, you’ll able to use the bathtub. In some case, cabin doesn’t have a bathtub.

3gb Community Website

0 comments logo
New Community website has launched, 3gb.Biz is a new social networks site which is allowed all members to communication each other via member area. Not only an usual communication, all 3gb members can chat with other member. And the most interested is you can hear last mp3 hits via 3gb.Biz. With more than 100 new albums from your favorite’s singer, you can play directly from its website and hear with your PC / Notebooks. It’s really cool. You don’t have to download it, just click and play. Make sure you have an account to play new mp3, join 3gb community

If you love to make a new friend, you can add 3gb members as your friend. You can see their picture from their photo album. You also can upload your picture to your personal album. You can make it private or public, so you can choose which one is for public or private. You can give comment to your friend pictures, or just say Hi if you want to. Just join 3gb community If you want to know more. is also give a 3gb blog for each user, you can write everything you want via 3gb blog. Lets say if you want to tell about your daily live, you can write down your activity and publish via your 3gb blog. 3gb give a lot of services for you to use. If you want to join 3gb community, just visits the website and make a new friend via this community site.

Dating Tips


dating tipsHi Girls, lets talk about Dating. Looking someone for you to date? Not sure if his personality match with you? You have to know more about man. So what you have to do if you take a date with your love. First, enjoy your time with him; if you are enjoying your time, I hope you will be fun as long as with him. You can choose activities what ever you like. And be positive with your date. If you are a positive woman, your couple will be happy besides you. I’m not having any ability to talk more about dating. You can read from the real relationship expert. She has explain complete dating tips and more about dating.

If you are looking someone for dating, you can ask dating expert. They will give you a tips how to date on the right way. On its page, you can see dating expert explained about dating on video, you can play and watch the video directly form its website. If you want to know more about dating, you can go to dating Woman Savers the World's Largest Database Rating Men targeting abusive and cheating men.

Indonesia Friendster


Friendster has launch in Indonesian, since almost all indonesian user is 8-18 years old, it will be more easy for all indonesian to access friendster. I think it will increase friendster members from Indonesia (again).

Officially launch at march 6, 2008, David Jones, Friendster Vice President Marketing said Friendster Indonesia has been accessed more than 250K, and he also said Indonesia is a BIG market.

I think its too late, i have write a litte notes about my opinion about friendster, its almost 2 years ago.

If you want to access Friendster Indonesia (beta), you can go direct with this link. I hope there is no error something like google.

Back to This Blog


Since I never updated this blog, actually i have moved to another my personal blog, With My lovely, we usually write everything we want. From our love story, daily life and our family or even Music lyrics :) .

Today, I decided to write in English here. Not because I loved to speak in English, It’s for improve my english better. This post is my second post written in english at this blog. The first time, is about “really” cool gadget, until now i always use this gadget to kill mosquitoes :)

Ok, thats all for today.

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Video Achmad Dhani melecehkan pengguna internet dengan mengatakan kalau Internet adalah dunia orang pengecut dan pengunjung blog adalah orang bodoh.

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