2nd HDD Problem for Me

Last week, is the 2nd problem on my HDD since the first one. But it looks different, the second problem is not caused by hal.dll problems. It because the windows file is missing. I dont know why it happens to me, i didn't do anything when it become crash and it just happen quickly. I loose all may data on my Drive (C, D), but i have reinstall it again with windows xp.

Maybe its time for me to change with linux or maybe buy a macbook. I hope it wont gonna happen to me again. Hmm.. if i used linux, maybe i'll use OpenSuse. Even I never use OpenSuse, I dont know I really like it. Maybe necause I ussually read Mr. Vavai Blog from planet terasi, he ussually write about OpenSuse and its advantages. His post is make me want to try OpenSuse.

Next week i'll reinstall (again) and change it to OpenSuse for my Old Pretty PC.