missing file hal.dll changes NTFS drive to RAW format

Alhamdulillah, i lost all my Files. Since i post about

File is missing or corrupt : hal.dll (in Indonesian)

Coz one of my drive can't detect in Windows, i've try many ways and softwares ,O and O DiskRecovery 4.0, testdisk 6.5 and MyRecoveryFiles 3.9 (With Crack of course),
to safe my files. And the result is nothing!
Yes, i use Win XP with SP2 before i got the "accident",
i've reinstall with same operating system and i still can't found my files,
windows detect and changed my drive into RAW format with 0 Byte capacity.
After i decided to reinstall, i found bad sector in HDD with 16Kb capacity.
Good news, other partition in my HDD still "alive", i try to backup some of my files, and has a good result.

After all backup proccess, i decided to reinstall (again) with same operating system, Windows XP Service Pack 2.

To remove bad sector from HDD, i decided to format the HDD not used Quick format. The Proccess take so long, after an hour, monitor proccess give explanation
"... Windows XP can't continue format using NTFS
... Your Drive maybe damage... blablabla."

Return to Format Proccess, i used QUICK FORMAT Proccess.

I wait untill Installing procces is finish. ITS DONE... without error...

After that, i check my HDD using DOS with CHKDSK command. I found there is no bad sector again.

Now, i can use my PC as ussualy, and of course without all my important files which deleted by missing hal.dll file.

So, from now, i should backup all my files monthly... Weekly maybe.


Anonymous said...

In that case, the easier way to protect your file is to change the documents location to another partition.

In many circumstances, on my experiences, the virus (or whatever) didn't affect to the data being stored on other partition.

Or if you feel like have to backed the file up, why don't you try "File and Transfer Wizard".

I believe that the worst thing is setting the windows configuration to meet your latest? Right?