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Horeeee.... I've found a new way for creating Fresshhhh Content without using Very Expensive software. Please write the original content below:

Wi-Fi technology provides the freedom to access the Internet from virtually any location using increasingly sophisticated portable devices. The "cool" factor of e-mailing and instant messaging when you're out and about is so compelling that protecting the device from malevolent invaders is often overlooked. Unfortunately, the same network access that makes online mobility easy for you is also convenient for computer criminals, and even a quick browse can attract damaging codes.

Securing mobile applications requires more effort up front than securing your wireless home network, for two reasons: First, desktops and laptops run on a full-featured operating system that often comes with varying levels of built-in security. Mobile devices, on the other hand, generally leave Internet security up to the user. Second, as each device comes with its own operating system, security software can take time to track down. For instance, BlackBerrys run on a proprietary operating system; Pocket PCs run on Windows Mobile; and Palm devices, like the Treo, run on the Palm operating system. Interoperability is still on our wish list, but here are three steps for protecting your BlackBerry, your Palm device, or your Windows Mobile/Pocket PC from Internet threats.

And this is the result:

Wi-Fi technology provides freedom to reach the Internet of practically any place using the increasingly sophisticated portable devices. “To cool” the factor of E-forwarding and the instantaneous transmission of messages when you are outside and approximately thus constrained that which protects the device against the malevolent invaders is often given on. Unfortunately, the same access of network which returns mobility in easy line for you is also convenient for data-processing swindlers, and even a rapid review can attract codes prejudicial. The fixing of the mobile applications requires more effort to the top of before fixing your network at the house without wire, for two reasons: Initially, the office computers and the portable computers function on a complete operating software which often comes with the variable levels from integrated safety. The mobile devices, on the one hand, generally leave the safety of Internet to the user. In the second place, while each device comes with its own operating software, the software of safety can take time to detect. For example, BlackBerrys function on an operating software of patent rights; The GCV of pocket function on the mobile of Windows; and devices of palm, like Treo, race on the operating software of palm. Interworking is always on our list of wish, but here three stages to protect your Blackberry, your device of palm, or your PC of mobile/pocket of Windows counters threats of Internet.

I think, the grammar is no so bad, i still can understand the topic is.
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