Google PR Update


My blog has drop to PR3. Its not too bad, because google only slam me with -1. Since this blog created for 2 years ago, aristianto maximum google pagerank is only PR4, and its stay at PR4 for almost 1 years.

Actually i never think about this blog PR, PR is only "special gift" from google which is doesnt affect the traffic. FYI, my very personal blog, has increase from PR0 to PR2. OK, dont think about traffic, just blogging what you want to blog. Like Darren said, we should be focusing on building blog, not focused to google Page Rank. PR is only for google, not for us.

But... How if we already join Paid to blog services? Of course, PR is the most important.

Body Fat Monitor


Body Fat Monitor

A beautiful body is craving for all people in the world, no body want to have a BIG body because of fat; we need a body fat monitor for controlling our fat every day. With body fat monitor, we can monitor our daily weight loss program and we’ll never feel worries about how much my body weight today?
Body fat monitor also needed by who wants to reduce body weight for monitoring their body, there are 6 simple steps to reduce body weight:

  • Counting how many calories daily.
  • Every Night, add up the number of calories you ate/drank.
  • Every morning you have to count your calories, eat 500 calories LESS then you normally do.
  • Instead of eating 3 big meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), or eating all day all the time.
  • Cardio. Cardio is an important part of weight loss. If you're serious to losing weight, but don't want to do the cardio, you have to do workouts such us jog, swim, and jump rope, ride a bike, etc.
  • At weekend, monitor your weight by yourself. You'll notice a difference only in one week!
And don't forget to use a body fat monitor to control your entire program, it will help you to monitor every weight loss programs steps are works, and don’t ever surrendered to has a beautiful body.

Baby Stroller For Kids


Until now, I always think if someday I have kids from my wife. Handsome like me or beautiful like my wife. It’s only in my head today, but it will come true in a few next years. I think it will be great if we have a cute healthy baby, with all my love I will take care my baby until he/she grew up everyday. Not only with love, but it need a struggle to give the best for my kids.

I always imagine, in the morning I bring my kids with a stroller running around the city parks every weekend with my wife, or go to shopping at the shopping center and bring my kids with baby strollers, so I can buy all my needs and my baby still enjoy the shopping. From now, maybe I have to find a good stroller for my kids, read a stroller reviews and buy it from the trusted seller can give the best stroller for my kids.

Today I have read some stroller reviews; I can buy a baby stroller start from $40. It’s not too expensive but it still has a good quality. I’ve to read more about stroller reviews to get the best baby stroller with the best price.

Recommended Credit Cards


credit cards

What is the best credit card? Are you still confused to choosing the best credit cards which is matching with your finances? Actually, each credit cards type has special advantages, for example there is a credit card with low interest, credit cards with instant approval, cash back credit cards, rewards credit cards, bad credit cards, or if you are college student, there is available credit cards for student.

For low interest credit cards, you can choose Capital One Platinum Prestige – Visa, this credit cards is designed for all people who interested with low interest credit cards. For instant approval credit cards you can apply for Hilton HHonors Platinum Card from American Express, this credit cards give you an advantages if you are usually stay at Hilton hotels, if you apply for this credit cards you can get more advantages like discount, member priority and else.

If you are still in college and want to apply for credit card, you can choose Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students, you can get credit cards issued by Citibank. If you have good grades in your college, you can get reward programs for student from this credit card. If you need more information about recommended credit cards, you can go to the website and read a full review about credit cards from their research and experiences.

Electric Shavers


Not only for men, today many women also using shavers for their daily needs. With electric shavers, its has a lot of advantages if we used it. If we used the electric shavers, we don't need water and shaving foam anymore because its really simple to use.

Sometimes we always think that using electric shavers is expensive, but in fact its expensive only for the first time we bought, after that its cheaper than than the manual shavers. If you already use the electric shavers, you can shaving in short time, it can save your time. If you have plan to buy the new one, you need to know more about its features. You have to pay attention about the battery, some electric shavers didn't give rechargeable battery, you need to change the battery with the new one if its empty electricity. Its better if you buy the electric shavers with rechargeable battery, because you dont need to bring any battery, you only need the electricity supply to make it work.

There is a lot of electric shavers brands, if you want to buy the new one, you can get new electric shavers with the best price from When i post this blog, with only $9, you can get Remington MSC-140 electric shaver, with 2 heads and 1 year warranty, you can get this cheap electric shaver. Or, if you want to see other electric shavers brands with cheap price, you can compare each other from website. Please visits the website if you want to know more.

15 Minutes for Better SEO


I think its not too late to inform about this information. I've found a great articles for you to read in next 15 minutes. Yes, its only for read, not for build traffic in 15 minutes. How come we can make a good SEO in 15 minutes.

The most interesting from this articles is each SEO method has a points that we can use for build a traffic, you can see the plus and the minus points. If you are interested, see the complete articles from this link. Please pay attention for +3 points and - points, SEO Methods with + (plus) point is what you have to do with your website. I have read this article and do you know, i need arounds 30 minutes to read this great article. :D

Find a Good Payday Loan Company


payday loan
The way to finding a good reputation payday loans company is make sufficient research and obtain all possible information. The United States indeed Lending Act was designed to force credit providers to give full disclosure of their loans in relation to interest rates, fees, loan terms and conditions and other items. Not only does this apply to credit card company, but it also applies for the payday loans company. They are required by federal and state law to give you all the information if you request it.

If you want to know about the company, you can do a little research via internet before you take a loan. Find more information that you can get, see customer reviews, about their offers. Its depending on yours. You can see all people say about the payday loans company, about its services, rates and fee. After you have done your research via internet, I think its not enough, you have to ask someone that you can trust about the company, maybe you can ask the company customer about their services.

Finding a reputable company for you to take a loan is the most important thing you can do before you decided which one is the best. By choosing a good payday loans company you can enjoy better rates, reduced taxes, and have the peace of mind of a loan from a good source of credit.

Cheap Family Cruise


Cheap Family Cruise
Do you have plan for your next holiday? You can bring your family to take cruise and enjoy your holiday on the sea with a luxury cruises. Of course it’s not cheap if you want to take a luxury cruises but you can save your money by find family cruise a special offers, for example you can get special discount for your kids or maybe you can get free charge for your kids. Let’s take a sample, Disney family cruise line has kids' rates for ages 3-17 years old, under 3 years old is free of charge. For Carnival cruises has a special rate for your kids under 12 years old.

Before you take a cruise with all your family, you have to know more about the family cruise services provided. It’s to make sure your vacation is match with your budget. You will be happy if you get special discount, but you have to count other fee. For example, you have to pay attention about drinks and meal. Bring your kids favorites meal and soda that you can’t find when you take a family cruise.

And last, if you have a baby, how do you bathe the baby? Make sure your cabin has a bathtub. Why? If you need bathe the baby, you’ll able to use the bathtub. In some case, cabin doesn’t have a bathtub.

3gb Community Website

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New Community website has launched, 3gb.Biz is a new social networks site which is allowed all members to communication each other via member area. Not only an usual communication, all 3gb members can chat with other member. And the most interested is you can hear last mp3 hits via 3gb.Biz. With more than 100 new albums from your favorite’s singer, you can play directly from its website and hear with your PC / Notebooks. It’s really cool. You don’t have to download it, just click and play. Make sure you have an account to play new mp3, join 3gb community

If you love to make a new friend, you can add 3gb members as your friend. You can see their picture from their photo album. You also can upload your picture to your personal album. You can make it private or public, so you can choose which one is for public or private. You can give comment to your friend pictures, or just say Hi if you want to. Just join 3gb community If you want to know more. is also give a 3gb blog for each user, you can write everything you want via 3gb blog. Lets say if you want to tell about your daily live, you can write down your activity and publish via your 3gb blog. 3gb give a lot of services for you to use. If you want to join 3gb community, just visits the website and make a new friend via this community site.

Dating Tips


dating tipsHi Girls, lets talk about Dating. Looking someone for you to date? Not sure if his personality match with you? You have to know more about man. So what you have to do if you take a date with your love. First, enjoy your time with him; if you are enjoying your time, I hope you will be fun as long as with him. You can choose activities what ever you like. And be positive with your date. If you are a positive woman, your couple will be happy besides you. I’m not having any ability to talk more about dating. You can read from the real relationship expert. She has explain complete dating tips and more about dating.

If you are looking someone for dating, you can ask dating expert. They will give you a tips how to date on the right way. On its page, you can see dating expert explained about dating on video, you can play and watch the video directly form its website. If you want to know more about dating, you can go to dating Woman Savers the World's Largest Database Rating Men targeting abusive and cheating men.

Indonesia Friendster


Friendster has launch in Indonesian, since almost all indonesian user is 8-18 years old, it will be more easy for all indonesian to access friendster. I think it will increase friendster members from Indonesia (again).

Officially launch at march 6, 2008, David Jones, Friendster Vice President Marketing said Friendster Indonesia has been accessed more than 250K, and he also said Indonesia is a BIG market.

I think its too late, i have write a litte notes about my opinion about friendster, its almost 2 years ago.

If you want to access Friendster Indonesia (beta), you can go direct with this link. I hope there is no error something like google.

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Since I never updated this blog, actually i have moved to another my personal blog, With My lovely, we usually write everything we want. From our love story, daily life and our family or even Music lyrics :) .

Today, I decided to write in English here. Not because I loved to speak in English, It’s for improve my english better. This post is my second post written in english at this blog. The first time, is about “really” cool gadget, until now i always use this gadget to kill mosquitoes :)

Ok, thats all for today.