Cool Gadget Review: The Mosquito Hitting Pat

Not about the Gadget, Gizmo with hi-end technology or Gadget from or microsoft for webpages (like my blog sidebar), but its about The Mosquito Hitting Pat with rechargable battery system. This helpfull gadget only with very-low-end technology can kill the mosquito and “friends” only in one touch. The mosquitos can die when you hit them on the metal racquet and push the “ON” button at the same time and the mosquitos will die in a moment. Please becareful, don’t touch the metal racket when its turned on.

Included with single LED lamp system, you can create light to help your direction in the dark if the electric system turned off in your home. With 45 cm long dimension and weight not more than 1 pound, you can use it easily in your hand and bring it anywhere you go.

Otherwise, you can improve your Tennis Hit Technique (Forehand, Backhand, Smash, etc) better with this gadget. LOL :)))

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy any battery, because its included with rechargable battery system. When the battery is full, you can used it more than 3 hours up time. You can charge for 5 hours at morning and use it at night, So simple isn’t it.

Available in Red, Blue and Yellow. This usefull gadget will available in store around you as soon as possible, in some countries is already available. With only US$ 4 (36,000 Rupiahs), you can have this cool gadget to kill all mosquitos around you and protect your kids and family from the little dracula. You can buy directly from (Racquet Zapper Electronic Fly Swatter). 59% custumer who view this item bought it from amazon. Interested with this cool gadget, The Mousquito Hitting Pat? :"D

Halah !?&%$, penting gak sehhhhh…