15 Minutes for Better SEO

I think its not too late to inform about this information. I've found a great articles for you to read in next 15 minutes. Yes, its only for read, not for build traffic in 15 minutes. How come we can make a good SEO in 15 minutes.

The most interesting from this articles is each SEO method has a points that we can use for build a traffic, you can see the plus and the minus points. If you are interested, see the complete articles from this link. Please pay attention for +3 points and - points, SEO Methods with + (plus) point is what you have to do with your website. I have read this article and do you know, i need arounds 30 minutes to read this great article. :D


Anonymous said...

nyari extra world generator, kok gak ada toolnya.. di mana ya mas?

Bloggerism said...

Maaf mas chodirin, Untuk extra content generator itu memang tidak ada toolsnya.

Teknik itu menggunakan fasilitas yang diberikan oleh google translate / yahoo translate.