Hidden Nanny Camera

Me and my wife are parent with a 3 years old boy. We both working on day time. I work as a operating manager in shipping company, while my wife is a clerk in mayor's office. None of us would give up the job, because we both need still need it. And so we have to leave our child at home while we're working with a nanny. And it's been going on well till one day. Our old nanny decided to move outside town following her husband. There’s no other alternative. We have to find a new nanny for our kid.

Finally we got a nanny to watch our kid out. But we're not really sure of this new nanny. She seems clumsy and careless. It leaves a worry every time we left our boy home with her, and i talked to my wife to buy new nanny camera to spy our nanny. We're worry if the new nanny doesn’t treat our son right. And finally after we browse to find this problem's solution, we decided to put a hidden nanny camera. It's a device to watch over how our nanny's treat our child while we're away. We can watch the recording after we back home. And can take appropriate action if there's something wrong. We can really feel relax now, knowing that we have a hidden nanny camera installed at home. I don't want something happen to our kids as seen in the video below.


Anonymous said...

nice info; but i think it would be better if you use a realtime camera; telkomsel is building this product now, but i still have no info when it'll released

Bloggerism said...

Some products is also give a real time video feature. But its more expensive than the the product i mention above.

Thanks for your information about telkomsel. I'll waiting for their products.