Five Design Element

Contrast If two items are not exactly the same, then make them different. Reallydifferent. Contrast on a page draws our eyes to it; our eyes like contrast. If you are putting two elements on the page that are not the same (such as two typefaces or two line widths), they cannot be similar--for contrast to be effective, the two elements must be very different. Contrast is like matching wall paint when you need to spot paint--you can't sort of match the colour; either you match it exactly or you repaint the entire wall.

Add contrast through your typeface
choices, line thickesses, colours, shapes, sizes, space, etc

It is easy to find ways to add contrast, and it's probably the most fun and satisfying way to add visual interest. The important thing is to be strong. Don't be a wimp.

from The Non-Designer's Design Book Robin Williams
image from Production Yearbook, 1950
Designer: Lester Beall (5)